New Vehicle Warranty

Hyundai of Muskoka's New Vehicle Warranty Program

Hyundai of Muskoka is with you every mile of your journey with the optional Hyundai New Vehicle Extended Warranty Program. This coverage kicks in when your original factory warranty expires, and has additional benefits: if a vehicle or component breakdown occurs anywhere in Canada or continental U.S., simply take your vehicle into any Hyundai dealership, where Hyundai’s factory-trained technicians will take care of you. We’re sure you’ll also appreciate having the 24-Hour Roadside Assistance, Car Rental Benefit, Trip Interruption, and Road Hazard Protection services with Hyundai!

Coverage is available for both new and used vehicles. Here’s what you should know about Hyundai’s New Vehicle Warranty Program and which kind of coverage is best for your needs!Mechanical and component failures can be costly to repair, and Hyundai’s New Vehicle Warranty Program covers the most common and expensive repairs you could encounter. Please contact Hyundai of Muskoka to learn about precisely which components are or are not covered under warranty.

Powertrain Plan

This plan is coverage for your Hyundai’s essential powertrain components. You get:

  • Full coverage for your drive axle
  • Additional coverage for the most important parts of your engine, transmission, transfer case, and fuel delivery system
  • 24-Hour Roadside Assistance with fuel delivery, flat tire changing, and more
  • Trip Interruption, which offers reimbursement for lodging and meal expenses if a breakdown occurs during a road trip and repairs take overnight
  • Car Rental Benefit, which gives you a replacement car while yours is being repaired
  • Transferability, letting you transfer the warranty over to the next vehicle owner, enhancing the vehicle’s resale value

Premium Plan

Extensive coverage across the powertrain, also covering other critical vehicle components. You’ll enjoy all the benefits of the Powertrain Plan, but also with:

  • Full coverage for your engine, transmission, transfer case, fuel delivery system, and air conditioner
  • Additional coverage for the most important parts of your steering, brakes, electrical systems, front and rear suspension, and cooling
  • 24-Hour Roadside Assistance, Trip Interruption, Car Rental Benefit, and Transferability are included

Premium Plus Plan

Exhaustive coverage of all components and labour (except for a short list of exclusions). Your benefits include those of the Premium Plan, but also with:

  • Full coverage for your steering, brakes, electrical systems, front and rear suspension, and cooling
  • Additional full coverage for all other components including your airbags, electric/hybrid vehicle components, turbocharger, and more
  • 24-Hour Roadside Assistance, Trip Interruption, Car Rental Benefit, and Transferability are included
  • Road Hazard Protection, repairing or replacing your tires in the event of a puncture or impact break
  • Claim-Free Reward, allowing you to receive full credit towards a new Vehicle Warranty, or get in-store credit back, if your plan expires before you claim any plan benefits
  • Trade-in Benefit, which gives you prorated credit towards a new Vehicle Warranty if you trade in your Hyundai for another before you warranty expires

Contact Hyundai of Muskoka today to add this additional coverage to your new or used Hyundai!