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Shop Tires for Your Hyundai in Huntsville Ontario – Get FREE Tire Storage!

When you buy your next set of tires from Hyundai of Muskoka, we’ll let you store your winter tires with us for FREE for the first season and for only $49.95 every season after that! Wouldn’t it be nice to have some extra space in your garage or shed?

Tires for Every Season

Our tire shop has tires for every car and every season! No matter what make, model, or year your car, truck, SUV, hatchback, or minivan is or what kind of conditions you’ll be driving through, we have tires for that.

Winter Tires

Driving through cold, snowy weather simply isn’t safe without a good set of winter tires. Winter tires have treads that give you traction on snow and ice while maintaining their grip on the road in cold temperatures. To ensure your safety, most tire experts recommend you put winter tires on your car as soon as temperatures hit 7 degrees Celsius and lower.

All-Season Tires

Get excellent performance under most driving conditions with all-season tires. All-seasons can’t replace winter tires, but they’re great for most months of the year and the perfect choice for those who don’t want the fuss of changing their tires for the summer.

Summer Tires

Do you have a performance vehicle? Or do you just love the feeling of rubber gripping the road? Nothing beats the performance of summer tires during the hotter months. Get responsive handling and steering during the hot, dry, or rainy weather of the summer.