Remote Starters

remote starters winter

A remote starter sounds like a good idea for the winter, so why don’t you have one yet? Hyundai of Muskoka has remote starters to help you keep warmer this winter, and our Service department can install it for you, no sweat! We carry many different brands, and your Service & Parts staff is happy to help you narrow it down to one starter for your needs.

Start with the Basics

The simplest solution to winter woes is a basic remote car starter with keyless entry. These devices will start your car from your home and up to 1,700 feet away, letting you warm your car up and giving you the luxury of staying warm and cozy without compromise! Basic units aren’t expensive, and we’ll be able to combine the remote start functionality with your vehicle’s keyless entry feature so you can start, warm up, and unlock your car with one remote.

Two-Way Starters

A two-way starter has additional benefits. Don’t you think it’d be nice if you didn’t have to look out the window or go outside to check to make sure your car started on demand? Well, with the two-way system, a flashing light on your remote or an audible tone triggers when your car starts, and some systems even have a small screen to indicate the car’s running status. Some of these systems can work from as far as 2 kilometres away.

With Security

You can also combine start capability with a vehicle alarm system! With a full-featured car alarm system, you can start your care remotely and worry-free. Some systems also add two-way communication to alert you when your vehicle has started or if your alarm system triggers. Top-of-the-line systems often have a screen providing you with your car’s status: whether it’s locked and running, and if the alarm has been triggered.

Start Smart

Here are a few buying tips if you’re interested in purchasing a remote starter:

  • Get one with enough range. You likely won’t be using your starter just at home, right? What about at work, malls, parking garages, etc? If you’re in doubt, get one with more range!
  • Have it professionally installed! Our Service team is trained to do complicated installs, and we guarantee our work too. Other professional installers likely won’t be familiar enough with our brands to do a proper installation.
  • Add keyless entry! On many newer vehicles, the factory keyless entry doesn’t function when the vehicle is running. A remote starter that adds keyless entry lets you unlock the vehicle without having to shut it off.